Creating Opportunities.

I spend a fair bit of my free time looking at photographs by other pro and amateur photographers. And when I see a great photograph, there’s a question that keeps bugging me. Given the same opportunity, would I have the talent to get the same shot? Obviously there are some variables – the gear used, […]

Lomography, sort of.

As I did my first bleary – eyed check of the internets this morning, I saw that the BBC are running an article on Lomography, and the possibility that it may have saved film. You can read the article here. Incidentally, thats the first time I’ve tried one of those linky things, so apologies if […]

Hello world!

Hello world! A title given to me by wordpress, but I think I like it. I’m an amateur photographer, and I’d like to get better. So here I am! My plan is that by sharing my wins and disasters with you will help me articulate why some photos work and some don’t. I’d like to […]