The 25th.

The 25th.

As photographs go, its not a great one. It certainly is not going to win any prizes, or be hung on any walls. So why am I posting it here? It’s my first blog, an opportunity to show off a little – so why ruin that opportunity with a not fantastic photograph?

The photo you see was the 25th photograph I ever took with my first proper camera. A little fuji bridge camera that was given to me on Christmas day, 2008. After a few blurry attempts, the obligatory family shots and the back of my dog (he moves faster than expected!) this happened. This photo happened.

And like I’ve said, it’s not fantastic. But it made me stop and look at the back of the camera. It made me want to try again, and do it better. It turned every dull, cold and tedious walk into an opportunity to take a photograph. I suddenly stopped and saw the light. And it made me want to take more photographs. Some would be good. Many would be rubbish.

And that is where you join me! 4 years ago, with my first proper camera. Now I have a DSLR, and the rate of good photo’s vs rubbish is getting better. But I still have a long way to go. And I’d like some company along the way.


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