A heck of a lot can happen in a year.

As we start a new year, many people choose to look back at the 12 months past. Personally, 2012 was a very mixed year but in photography terms – it was a fantastic one. In June 2012 I undertook my Christmas present from my parents, a 10 week Open University Photography course. I cannot understate the difference this made not only to my technical ability but also to my confidence. Unless I had done the course and got the mark I did, this blog would still be on my list of “things to do when I’m better”.

In December 2012 I had a great opportunity to test just how far I had come along with my photography. I ventured out of South Wales and headed to the bright lights of London to visit a friend, a trip I had also made back in December 2011. In 2011 I had taken some photographs of St. Paul’s Cathedral, and they were my best to date.


London Dec11 313


London Dec11 283


But as the year progressed, I began to see the flaws. I had shot in jpeg, instead of RAW format. I hadn’t corrected the wonky horizons, and the highlights were blown. On the top photo I’d cut the bridge into the Cathedral dome. Don’t get me wrong, I still like them. But I was wondering if I would be able to do any better if I went back.

With that in mind, when I went to London again I dragged my friend back to the Tate Modern and made him stand in the freezing cold while I set about trying to better myself. The only thing I hadn’t done to help myself as that I had (deliberately) left the tripod at home. There is no way I’m carrying a heavy 40+ yr old tripod all the way around London! Instead I leaned the camera on the railings with paper jammed underneath to level the camera.

And I’m pretty happy with the results. But what do you think?




So I guess the big question I have to ask is “How will my photography progress in 2013?” I have no idea how its gonna go, but I sure as hell am looking forward to finding out!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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