The Magical Land of Cornwall

Since going to the butterfly park and using it as an opportunity to shake the dust from the camera I’m afraid the camera went straight back in the bag again. Fortunately this time it wasn’t through another crisis of confidence or deluge of doubt but for a much happier reason – I was married to the most incredible woman in September and the weekends had become just a little full to be able to take the camera out!

For our honeymoon we had decided to hire a camper van and tour Devon and Cornwall. I went to University in Cornwall and don’t get to go back there enough, and this seemed like a good excuse to show my wife the places I loved, and to find new ones. One of the first stops however was one of my partners childhood holiday haunts, Ladrum Bay in Devon. The weather wasn’t the best for the first few days, but we still tried to make the most of the time there by going for walks in the villages and beaches.



The beach was stunning – after the run up to the wedding it was a perfect place to just relax for a few days. I’ve got two lenses for the camera – a 17-85mm and 60mm macro. I don’t know what made me put the macro lens on given there was plenty of wildlife and landscapes which the 17-85mm is the best lens for. But there was so much detail, texture and a richness in the macro photographs that just wasn’t there in the grey day landscapes.



The next stop was a must-see if you are in Cornwall. The Eden Project turned an eye-sore of an abandoned quarry into one of the best attractions in Cornwall. The focus points are two biomes – giant greenhouses which are split into a Tropical Section and a Mediterranean one. Both are full of plants and certain animals which we would never normally be able to see in the UK! All visiting photographers are spoilt for choice – and if you are as lucky with the weather as we were you can’t help but to get some decent photos!



The biomes really are incredible, but if you only see the inside of the two biomes you really are missing half of the fun. From outside art installations to diverse and intricate wildlife gardens the surrounding area is a must see. There’s minimal signposting – you just have to keep moving and explore.





I couldn’t have asked for a better week to keep the momentum going for the return of my photography mojo. I think i’ve even started to develop a macro dependant style. I really am pleased with the results, and there will be another post soon with the rest of the week. I’m just trying to work out why I deleted this post twice and its taking so long to hit the “post” button…


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